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Read on for an explanation of the game and our review. Spoiler alert: lots of Ra is an auction game with Egyptian flavor. The game is played. Ryan Metzler reviews Ra To buy the game, go to For more reviews and videos. Ra is an auction and set collection board game with – you guessed it – an Egyptian theme. It has really nice artwork and components, plays in.

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Bally wulf I think Ra is a fantastic game, both clever and enjoyable. Auctions are simple and work the same whether forced or voluntary. The Oracle of Delphi: Ra will present players with a great number of set-collection decisions, some of which can yield points at the end of each epoch or only at the end of the game. I'll try anything once, but my favorite games are generally middleweight Euros.
Ra game review Careful use of your sun disks will yield great architectural wonders, civil and agricultural advancements, and even a bad oeynhause therme fame and fortune along the way. I am always willing to play any game you put in front of me. Sometimes, it may even be worthwhile to call an auction simply to get access to a valuable sun disk, despite the tiles on offer. From my experience, the person with the lowest high number and ra game review a result, the highest low and medium numbers has the most powerful buying power in the current round; the player with the biggest high number is in the best position to set themselves up for future rounds. Knizia is often charged with making games with pasted on themes, and Ra is no exception. But it is pretty quick to play and as FarmerLenny pointed out, playing with three players gives you more control over the game.
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In my opinion, playing with four or more is essential on this being a successful game. The New Era Review. It can easily win any auction but then is stuck with two sims spielen online weak tiles. The new edition from Fantasy Flight—part of their Euro Classics reissue series—has updated graphics and a larger, square box, while replacing some wooden components with cardboard a tradeoff in quality for lighter weight. Very balanced Keeps players on their toes Futurewolfie says: Rebellion Bärenpark Ethnos Nemo's War second edition Cthulhu Wars The 7th Continent Container: BGG Promo Pack 1.


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